Does KLS has product showroom?
The product showroom of NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD is set up to satisfy the visual demands of customers in terms of product appearance and functions. It is only open to our distinguished clients who have a strong desire to appreciate the different categories of products. The showroom has numerous characteristics such as high capacity, suitable and sufficient lighting, and diverse collocation of products. KLS will arrange professional staff to give a detailed introduction about product specifications. If customers would like to pay a visit, don't hesitate to contact us.

KLS has laid a solid foundation in the field of IEEE 1394 connectors. KLS provides a wide range of TNC connectors for customers. our company 2.5mm phone jack audio connectors has been manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of international quality standards for gifts and crafts, and its quality can be guaranteed because it has passed through many quality certifications. Coin cell holders which is being applied to rf connectors has represent many advantages.

We aim to improve customer satisfaction rate. Under this goal, we will pull together the talented customer team and technicians to offer better services.
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