How about KLS R&D team?
The R&D group of NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD is experienced and is made up of specialists on the market. Directed by the highly effective management, an expert R&D team that's of innovative and dynamic abilities consistently pursues excellent innovation to develop new products. As company rapidly develops, we have attracted more and more talents that are experienced in producing and researching high quality ms electrical connectors .

KLS ELECTRONIC is always a banner in the trend of F connectors development. KLS's SMAconnectors series include multiple types. It is desirable for Coin cell holders to possess such features as led connectors. This product price has the competition ability, deeply the market welcome, has the huge market potential.

We have made a steadfast mission: to be the preferred choice of a majority of clients. We emphasize clients' problems, concerns, and requirements, and offer timely and targeted product solution that works well in their markets.
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