How about sales of iec connector under KLS ?
With connector increasingly gaining more popularity in the marketplace, its sales volume are rising, too. The item is of excellent durability and reliability that helps it to acquire more recognition from clients. Due to the wonderful operation of the products and thoughtful support supplied by our support team, the sales volume is growing quickly.

NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD has a higher understanding of Micro match connectors. KLS's Lamp switch connectors series contains multiple sub-products. The designers of KLS connector have carried out intensive studies in plantar pressure distribution and the contact of the foot with the ground, with the purpose of reducing foot uncomfortable symptoms. This product has a wide range of application requirements on the market.

To improve societal and environmental benefits, we are working hard to achieve sustainable development. We have adopted water-saving equipment to help reasonably utilize water resources and reduce water pollution.
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