How about the KLS smb connector rejection rate?
The rejection rate of NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD connector is fairly low in the marketplace. Before shipment, we'll examine the quality of every product to guarantee its zero defect. Once our customers receive second-best product or experience the quality issue, our after-sales team are always ready to solve the problems for you.

KLS has become a popular exporter at home and abroad. KLS's CATV Splitter*CATV Amplifier*Satellite Splitter series contains multiple sub-products. The raw materials of KLS PCB Terminal Block Rising clamp , mainly clay and kaolin, are sourced from suppliers who hold domestic quality certifications (GB/T) in the pottery industry. The product is well adapted to market needs and will be more widely used in the near future.

We are working hard to build an environmental-friendly business model that respects man and nature. This model is sustainable, which helps lower our carbon footprint.
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