How many KLS 3 pin connector are sold per year?
NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD connector has achieved good results in annual sales volume. With products that have great quality and word of mouth, plus affordable prices, our brand has always been sought after by consumers. The annual sales volume is just the appearance, strength is the source of KLS 's self-confidence.  

Standing on top of others, KLS is the leading brand in the DC power connectors field. KLS's SMD reflow solder terminal blocks series contains multiple sub-products. Micro USB connectors*Mini USB connectors*USB connectors has established the product image of high quality, attractive appearance, and connector . This product has many advantages, has won a good reputation in the market, and has broad market potential.

Integrity will become the heart and soul of our company's culture. In business activities, we will never cheat our partners, suppliers, and clients no matter what. We will always work hard to realize our commitment to them.
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