How many people in KLS export department?
NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD is enlarging employee numbers In the export department. Our export department tracks the export of large bnc connector through a regular set of regulations and policies. All employees in our export department are qualified to provide you with professional service.

KLS is good at integrating design, manufacturing and sales 2.5mm phone jack audio connectors. KLS provides a wide range of Connectors for customers. KLS led connectors is developed adopting the philosophy of ergonomics by the in-house R&D department. Each part of the product is designed with different functions for the foot. More costumer prefer PCB Terminal Block Rising clamp from we because of its rf connectors.

We will be one of the leaders in manufacturing this kind of products. We will always monitor the potential threat posed by competitive products, and understand competitive strengths and weaknesses among each other, so as to adapt to changing circumstances.
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