How many people in KLS R&D department?
At NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD, the number of our R&D department is growing rapidly. We've got senior technicians who are fully responsible for the R&D work and update the procedure craftsmanship of the production. Our R&D technicians are all creative and keep close to the industry dynamics. The whole department is required to focus on the new product development, utilize new materials, and update or develop new technologies to improve the uniqueness and quality of the finished products. All of them are highly educated and have junior college degree certificates or above.

As a professional connectors manufacturer, KLS is among the best in the industry. KLS provides a wide range of Loudspeaker terminals for customers. 3.5mm phone jack audio connectors can be used for connectors and provide great help. This product is very popular among customers and is considered to be widely used in the future.

Our goal is to create spaces that allow bright and brilliant minds to meet and come together to discuss pressing issues and take action on them. Hence, we can make everyone to extend their talents to help our company grow.
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