Is KLS a trading company or a factory?
NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD has always been committed to becoming one of the world's leading companies, and has become a recognized supplier of coaxial connector . It has a large factory for production. It is equipped with advanced machines to ensure better production. With complete equipment, it can offer a more affordable price for the products you want.

KLS has always been committed to providing customers with the most professional connectors and the best quality service. KLS provides a wide range of DIN41612 connectors for customers. The manufacturing process of KLS connectors is rather complex and needs special workmanship, covering up to more than 50 process steps. Modular plugs with led connectors is praised by the majority of customers.

We drive sustainable social, economic and environmental change through our decisions and actions. For example, we have a strict plan for water use. The cooling water used at the factory is recycled to reduce the amount of water used.
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