Is KLSmcx connector spoken highly of?
Since establishment, NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD has been focusing on the quality and performance of connector . It is made by high-technology equipment and processed by exquisite materials which makes it of finest quality in the industry. Until now, it is naturally this product enjoys high popularity among the customers at home and abroad.

KLS is recognized as the industry's first brand of Chinese PRODUCTS. KLS's RF Connectors series contains multiple sub-products. The surface process of KLS Banana plug connectors*Banana jack connectors includes rust, grease, oxidization, and burnishing. All these processes are done in line with hardware manufacture standards both domestically and internationally. Solderless breadboard developed by our team has a long-lasting excellent connector performance.

We aim to be a reliable and helpful partner that exceeds expectations and to manufacture products that meet the quality expectations of our clients all over the world.
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