What about the plant size of KLS?
NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD has established a factory with large enough space, allowing advanced machines and complete modern production lines to be equipped. The factory covers several workshops for exquisite manufacturing and professional testing of semi- and finished products, the purpose of which is to ensure the product quality and production efficiency. It is also staffed with multiple workers who are proficient in operating the machines and have a deep knowledge of every product. The whole factory is operated under a strict ISO management system and other international certified standards.

In the field of Circular Connectors, we focus on making great Circular Connectors. KLS provides a wide range of Banana plug connectors*Banana jack connectors for customers. The manufacturing process of KLS rf connectors is rather complex and needs special workmanship, covering up to more than 50 process steps. In the aspect of design, the structure of AC power socket connectors*AC power plug connectors is innovatively combined with the characteristics of connectors.

The main current mission of our company is to increase customer satisfaction. Under this target, we continuously improve our product quality, update catalog, and strength timely communication with clients.
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