What about word-of-mouth of KLS ?
We not only specialize in producing NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD but also aim at making our self-created brand - KLS , well-known to the world. Over many years, we have worked hard to improve our production process and technology to get quality and prices exceeding our competitors. And we also streamline our ordering and support services to make sure we can handle customers’ problems fast. Through consistently offering the finest quality of products and stellar services, we have earned more and more happy and engaged customers. Our brand now is well-spoken in the market.

KLS is the first brand of exported Coin cell holders in China. KLS's Non-insulated terminals series contains multiple sub-products. There is a wide of applications for Pluggable terminal blocks which is very useful. The product has high commercial value to meet the demanding requirements of customers around the world.

We encourage, inspire, and challenge every employee to unleash their potential in meaningful ways that help advance our purpose and strategy.
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